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Having a good golf swing is great, but having the right equipment is crucial. Buying your golf equipment right off the shelf at one of those big box stores is taking a shot in the dark that you are buying the right equipment. And hitting into one of there nets doesn't let you truly know the outcome of your shots. With our FlightScope Launch Monitor we can test your equipment against new equipment in different length and lie options with a variety of shaft options. The numbers do not lie and when you are able to hit shots at our location, you see and feel the best shots. When you play at the golf course, you don't hit into a net, so why would you buy your clubs that way?

Our motto at Supreme Golf Supply is simple:


Don't wait for a local demo day to go try new golf equipment, come to Supreme Golf Supply. We have demos of all the latest in golf equipment and it is important to try all the options to see what looks the best to your eye and which performs the best to help you improve your game. We believe you should try it before you buy it and we are committed to find the right equipment for you. Let us help you find the right equipment for you!